Juuso Puhakka

Hello I am a 17 years old racing driver from Finland. Here you can follow me, look at photos and get to know my sponsors.

Formula STCC Nordic

I am driving Formula STCC Nordic in season 2016. There are 7 raceweekends and 14 race starts. One raceweekend will be in Finland and six raceweekends in Sweden. Last year I placed third in the championship and this year my goal is to be higher on the podium

Calendar 2016

 30.4-1.5 Skövde, Sweden

26.5 Mantorp, Sweden

18-19.6 Anderstorp, Sweden

9-10.7 Falkenberg, Sweden

13-14.8 Karlskoga, Sweden

26-27.8 Alastaro, Finland

23-24.9 Knutstorp, Sweden



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